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Packing Tips for Your Long-Distance Move

Packing Tips for Your Long-Distance Move

Moving is always stressful and finding the best way to move long-distance can be a real challenge, especially if you’ve decided not to hire packing and moving services in California. This is why we’ve prepared this packing checklist to help you with your move:

Declutter your home

A move is a perfect time to get rid of unnecessary, broken, or outdated items. This will help make the whole process easier and cheaper.

Purchase packing supplies

Getting the right packing supplies is an easy way to make the packing process a lot more enjoyable. But if you don’t want to drown in boxes and packing peanuts for days, you can hire a professional packing company or movers to help.

Label all boxes

Even though you may think that you will remember exactly where you put all of your stuff, you should still put detailed labels on each box. Don’t just write “kitchen”, list out all the items in the box! This will also make it easier for your movers from a packing and moving company in the Bay Area to know where to put your boxes in your new home.

Disassemble furniture

Taking apart furniture can seem like a very difficult and time-consuming task, but it will allow you to save a ton of space in the truck. If you don’t want to take apart your furniture yourself, you can hire a company to do it for you.

Put clothing in suitcases and drawers

You can save a ton of time by putting your clothes, bedding, towels, etc. inside other items. For instance, you can use empty drawers, closets, and suitcases for this task.

Long-distance moving in 4 easy steps

If you would prefer to hire San Francisco Movers, one of the best companies for long-distance moving in California, and make your long-distance move as easy as possible, you can do so by following these four easy steps:

  1. Request a quote. Go to our website and fill out the “Request a Quote” form or call our phone number to speak with a specialist.
  2. Provide the details about your move. This is necessary so we can give you an accurate price estimate.
  3. Get a free estimate. You’ll get all the information you need to make a decision about hiring us.
  4. Book your move. Arrange the date and details of your move.

Getting professional help for long-distance moving to Miami, Chicago, or Boston is very easy. Just contact San Francisco Movers and we’ll handle everything!

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